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An academic or academic degree is an award given to graduates of academic education with a certain field of study from a university. Talking about academic degrees, it includes titles consisting of bachelors, masters, and doctorates.

Academic Degree at University

Discussing a degree at a university can be said to have a different diploma depending on the decisions and policies of a government or country. Remember that because each region of the country has a different education system.

Given that an education degree in the European region, especially regarding the higher education system in Europe, is currently being aligned through three cycles of degrees, or more as we know the Bologna process.

Complete discussion of university degrees

The following is a three-cycle hierarchy, namely Bachelor, Master, Doctor plus a short cycle that includes sub-graduate qualifications. The system is basically gradually replacing the two-stage system that was previously used in several countries by incorporating elements such as the European Credits Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

European Higher Education Area (EHEA) is a European higher education area that was officially established since 2010 and since 2016 has had 50 members. Regarding the implementation of the EHEA is somewhat varied with various elements.

One out of twenty-four countries has fully implemented the structure of the national qualifications framework, while the other ten countries already have a framework but have not yet fully certified it.

ECTS credits are basically used for all higher education programs. In fact, 31 countries have used and fully implemented diploma supplements. It's just that 11 countries have included all the main points of the Lisbon Recognition Convention national legislation.

The European Union since 2008 has developed the Eroupean Qualifications Framework. EQF whereby a draft eight-tiered framework was created to allow cross-reference of various national qualifications frameworks. However, although not specific to higher education, the top four levels 5 to 8 refer to the EHEA short cycle, first cycle, second cycle and third cycle.

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